Wallace Productions has a 30 year history of film production and financing behind it. Notable films on its roster include Desperate Remedies and the Academy Award winning short film Planet Man. In recent years Wallace Productions has backed well known films, such as Hunt for the Wilderpeople and The Breakerupperers as well as granting finance to smaller boutique projects.


From the first word written on an empty page, an inspired laugh to a paint-splattered studio – The Wallace Arts Video Series shifts the lens to celebrate various artists, performers, writers and musicians that the Wallace Arts Trust has supported over the years. Sometimes whimsy, always wonderful – The Series and its five segments are equally enlivening, educational and entertaining.

The Series is a project that came to life in late 2017, with producers Alex Plumb and Mikel Hoyle releasing new episodes regularly since then. The episodes portray the ‘ongoing diary of contemporary New Zealand art’ of the Wallace Arts Trust.